What about the highlight video?

For an additional fee, we offer an option to have your video clips edited to the music of your choice.   Your guests that signed up will be able to view and share it or brag about it on their social media sites!

When do I get to see my video?


We include a Social Media Integration in our packages where you sign up at our kiosk to receive a video gallery of the clips for the night. You will be able to view the video, download it to your computer and/or share it or brag about it on social media sites!

How about a customized backdrop?


Yes, you can personalize a backdrop for your event for an additional fee. Please send us your design and requirements 15 business days prior to your event date and we will have it ready for you.

What are the requirements?


Being this is an elaborate "Red Carpet" Style setup, we would need a minimum of

1.  A 12x12 space with nearby electrical outlets.

2. Allow 60 minutes to set up the booth system prior to event start time.

The Set Up


We will set up a photo/video booth system with our High Definition 35mm digital cinema camera, studio lighting equipments for high quality slow motion video, large wall backdrop and red carpet flooring.  You will choose the props and party favors of your choice and you will have 5-10 seconds to do whatever you want in front of the camera.  After your take is finished, Our LED TV will playback your clip in Super Slow Motion in high quality 1080p HD  (10 times slower than normal speed!) for you and your guests to enjoy immediately after!

How Does It Work?

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