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Amanda and Greg's Wedding @ the Fox Hollow - 12-13-2013

Wow what an amazing night we had at their wedding! As soon as we got in and got to our setup location, we had the whole lounge room to ourselves so we took total advantage of that!

As soon as we opened the booth we had a line that piled all the way back as everyone wants to see what is this slow motion video booth is all about. And BOY did we not dissappoint!

For the first hour we had everyone laughing, screaming, throwing confetti, shooting silly string, doing everything with their creative minds to make this one crazy event! I'm so glad I did not need to do much directing as they know exactly what to do!

No one wanted to leave the booth as the Maitre'd had to call everyone to go back to eat their dinners as it's getting cold.. CLASSIC!

Again.. one amazing night, and we featured our ShoutOUT Booth! Thanks for the great time Amanda and Greg and your fantastic guests! Stay tuned for the video!

- SlowMO Party

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