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Amira and Nate's Wedding at The Liberty Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY


And what better way than to have it at elegant hall located in Brooklyn New York? We had quite an experience at the Liberty Warehouse! Who knew that deep in the factories and warehouses tucked deep near the water's edge in Brooklyn there is this amazing little gem!

Well known for it's amazing view of the Statue of Liberty and the beautiful atmosphere, we are honored to have our SlowMO setup at the facility. Arriving there early to set up, we were able to accommodate everyone's needs and complete our setup in time before the guests arrive. Being such an elaborate setup, guests from the wedding are curious and excited for this new addition to the wedding and can't wait for it to start!

The sun sets and after all was said and done, our booth was open for business! People started lining up before we had the chance to turn the lights on! Before you know it, we had people all around us laughing, jumping in, and everyone else trying to get a glance of what the commotion is all about. less than 10 minutes later we have a swarm of people watching the TV screen to reveal the guests and their crazy acts in slow motion! It's always great to see everyone laughing, enjoying what is going on and overall having a good time! We had so much people that it was hard for me to stock up on our props and we ran low!

Towards the end of the night, we checked to see how much footage we shot and were shocked with the amount of people we had that came to the booth in the time span! It was more than double than the amount of clips we usually get! Amazing! Good to see people really taking advantage of what we offer..

In the end we had plenty of compliments from the guests about how much they enjoyed getting involved and watching the footage in slow motion.. it really is amazing to get that type of result and have people leave with quite a memory.

I look forward to the new year and this new amazing product will take off and I look forward to see that type of results from wedding couples!! Stay tuned to see this video and the explosive activities that comes with it!

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